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Beautify Your Property with Everlasting Turf from Alternative Landscaping in Saint Paul, MN


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Lawns are great and can improve the appeal of your property. However, they require maintenance and care that can distract you from the things that really matter in your life. Do you grow weary of mowing the lawn? Has watering been steadily increasing your utility bills? Are your pets and children tracking mud and undoing the work and effort you put into keeping your lawn picture-perfect?

If you’ve answered “Yes,” to any of these questions, then we have the solution to your woes. Let Alternative Landscaping in Saint Paul, MN, transform your property. We specialize in environmentally friendly turf: synthetic grass that looks and feels much like the same thing, only without the maintenance and care requirements. Enjoy a beautiful lawn and spend quality time with your friends, family, and pets. We provide the materials you need to make your property a neat, clean, and verdant paradise.

The Benefits of Synthetic Turf

Everyone enjoys a green and well-kept yard. With synthetic turf, you will improve your property’s curb appeal while also saving time and energy. Our extensive selection of turf products is specially designed to have the appearance and texture of natural grass.


Better yet, it’s built to last. Our synthetic turf materials have many advantages, including:


Durability: Our turf has staying power. It’s designed to withstand daily exposure to the elements, and it even resists impacts, digs, and scratches. Kids and pets are free to play around the yard-- without damaging the synthetic grass.


Beauty: Thanks to advanced manufacturing techniques, our turf maintains a green appearance and grassy texture--even through periods of heavy rain or drought. In fact, our products look so real that horses have tried eating it!


Ease of Maintenance: Let’s face it: beautiful lawns are great, but they require a lot of work. Instead of toiling in the hot sun or dropping a pretty penny on routine lawn care services, choose synthetic turf. It won’t grow and it suppresses weeds, which means you spend less time and resources getting your hands dirty.


Your Property, Your Turf

Our landscaping company offers a variety of field turf options to meet your needs. Whether you are beautifying your home or breaking ground for a dog park, we have the synthetic lawn solutions for you. Our extensive catalog includes specialized products that accommodate a variety of uses, including:


Residential and Commercial Lawns

Kids’ Play Areas

Dog and Pet Parks

Putting Greens

Urban Settings and Balconies

Sports Fields


Do It Yourself or We Can Do It for You

Enjoy the yard of your dreams with our alternative landscaping products and services. We are committed to helping property owners improve the beauty, strength, and functionality of their outdoor areas. You may order our field turf products directly. We can also provide the installation services for you. Give us a call to arrange a consultation, and we’ll help you arrive at the solutions and strategies that best meet your needs.

Contact us to learn more about our synthetic grass products and installation services. We are based in Saint Paul, MN, and serve the surrounding area.


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