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Ever Lasting Sports Fields Turf

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Want to build a Sports Field.

We can help you build a Actual size or a Smaller Version. Our Goal is to offer you the opportunity to Save You Money By Doing It Yourself. We Provide you the years of experience and asset you in building your dream Synthetic Turf Project. Provide turfs for the desired Use. In the past it has been a very abrasive process when it comes to building the foundation for a synthetic turf install. Today, there are some options that are less abrasive and actually more stable and easier to Install They involve interlocking panels that are designed to handle the weight of a fire engine truck. So Yes You can Do It Yourself.

The panel system is designed to provide superior vertical and horizontal water flow, draining water away from the athlete and off the field. With vertical flow rates ranging from 340 to 1500 inches per hour running through the panels, coupled with side cell design which allows water to rapidly flow under the panels, when it rains. Regardless of whether you are installing on a permeable or impermeable surface, the storage capacity built into every panel provides time for water to dissipate into the ground or run under the panels to an awaiting drainage system. A perfect combination of practicality and performance.

Chart Comparision

Traditional Foundation -VS -  Panel Fonndation System



Panels provides superior shock absorption while channeling positive energy restitution back to the athlete, ensuring peak performance. The structural design dissipates the fall energy away from the athlete, like a pebble being dropped in a pond, while delivering the proper peak performance energy back to the athlete. In essence, The Panels has accomplished the goal of an entire industry; providing a safer playing surface while improving the performance of the athlete.